Here be dragons. And a billion-dollar deal.

GamesBeat wrote a lot about dragons this week, be they in the movie theater or behind a dungeon master’s screen. We also saw a key piece of Blizzard’s strategy for its Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft digital card game launch (and we can help you with it if you’re stuck), earnings news (and game delays) from two of gaming’s biggest publishers, and Google taking over another realm of video with its confirmed purchase of Twitch.

And we also read about how some developers react when the rockets and bombs are in real life, not just on the screens of the games they make.

Pieces of Flair

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Above: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Image Credit: Dreamworks


Luigi giving his menacing look to other racers in Mario Kart 8.

Above: The real key to Nintendo’s recent rebound: Luigi’s death stare.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Mobile and social

Nvidia Shield Tablet and Shield Controller.

Above: Nvidia Shield Tablet and Shield Controller.

Image Credit: Nvidia

Previews and interviews

The new edition of D&D and the new expansion for the Neverwinter MMO deal with one of the most iconic gods and monsters: Tiamat.

Above: Now, that’s a dragon.

Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

The new D&D and Neverwinter: Working in the Realms and our favorite dragons (Part 2)

The new D&D and Neverwinter: Putting dragons back into the world’s most iconic role-playing game (Part 1)


Finally, Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers feels like the real card game