Google has given those who work with Microsoft Word another reason to move documents to the cloud.

Today, Google announced a new function that converts any tracked changes in Word documents to Suggested Edits. Basically, if you have Word documents with a lot of tracked changes, you can simply upload them to Google Docs, and the tracked changes will show up as Suggested Edits.

Google has been working on making it easier for people to work on Docs collaboratively, which is essential for business and enterprise.

A month ago at its I/O conference, Google announced that it integrated Quickoffice into Google Docs and therefore Google Docs is now compatible with Word documents. It also introduced the Suggested Edits to its Docs at the conference. With this function, you can comment and edit others’ Google Docs without changing their content directly. And the doc owners can accept or decline your changes.

Well, the Suggested Edits function basically combines Microsoft Word’s tracked changes and comment function.

“Microsoft Word features tracked changes as part of Office 365, spanning personal and business plans,” a Microsoft spokeswoman said in an email to VentureBeat.

However, all of these new developments with Google Doc are sweet if you are in the process of moving your docs to the cloud.

Google is trying to push more into the productivity software for enterprise market where Microsoft Office dominates. In addition to its popular Google Apps for Business, Google also announced at its I/O conference $10 per month per user “Drive for Work” that has everything you need including Google Docs.