In the Uber driving eco-system, both passengers and riders rate each other. Passenger ratings are normally hidden from consumers, but Aaron Landy has written about very clever trick to find it out, over the the new blogging service, Medium.

As soon as this hit the interwebs, the trick went viral. Twitter lit up with commentary.

In hindsight, I’m not sure why Uber hides the passenger rating system from consumers. If I’m rude to my riders, I’d kind of like to know. I strive to be a good person, but maybe I’m inadvertently rude.

Maybe this loophole will convince Uber to open up the rating system. Either way, the steps are outlined below:

Here are the steps.

1. Open up the mobile Uber website in your browser at and login.


2. Open up a console window. In Chrome on Mac you can press (command + option + j).



3. Paste the javascript code given by Landy into the console and hit return. Your browser will reload once, after that paste the code in again and hit return for the below popup with your score.


We’re not sure how long this loophole is going to last, so try it out while you can.