CNRY, Inc. announced today that it has raised $700,000 in new seed funding. The company, better known as Birdi, is dedicated to building a “better” smoke alarm. This alarm will be connected to mobile devices via Wi-Fi to give users updates on air quality.

Birdi’s smoke alarm is still in the testing phase, but it is available for preorder. The smart alarm is not only designed to detect a fire but carbon monoxide fumes, as well, which can be fatal if inhaled. Additionally, the Birdi alarm tracks the air quality inside of the home, giving users information on temperature, humidity, pollen, particulates and pollution. People who have an iOS or Android device will be able to access this data directly on their phones.

However, Birdi goes beyond the smartphone. Users can sign up for a service that allows Birdi to dial a landline to alert homeowners when a threat is detected in the environment.This can give homeowners living with children or elderly adults some much-needed peace of mind. Birdi can even dial 911 for users when there are signs of fire in the house.

Angel investor Jason Calacanis and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Eric Ries led the seed funding. Birdi co-founder and CEO Mark Belinsky told the Wall Street Journal that Birdi will be using the $700,000 raised to increase its full-time staff and move into a larger office in San Francisco.

Currently, Birdi is available for preorder on its website at a price of $119.00. The product will begin shipping out to consumers by the fourth quarter of 2014.