Jon Stewart isn’t the only one to prove that civic content can be entertaining and financially viable. Celebrity video skit machine, Funny or Die, is out with a delightfully informative video about raising the minimum wage from Frozen star, Kristen Bell.

“Doing topical and political videos has been part of Funny Or Die from the very beginning, and we have had great success and feedback from doing them. Any content, regardless of its ultimate intent, needs to be funny and smart, and that’s what we set out to do for all our videos,” Funny or Die President Mike Farah wrote to us in an email.

Obama himself recognized the potential of Funny or Die’s comedy routine, offering them an exclusive interview to drive traffic to the ailing federal health care website. His Between Two Ferns skit ended up being the number one traffic driver to new healthcare signups for a short while.

Political content is a hot commodity for many video producers. CollegeHumor’s off-election cycle “Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends” is one of the most viewed videos in the company’s history.

Unfortunately, a minimum wage won’t be enough to support a living wage in the heart of Silicon Valley. Even the proposed $15/hour minimum wage hike for San Francisco, is about $10 short for a typical family with two children (according to MIT’s living wage calculator).

Recently, opponents of the higher minimum wage have begun taking out billboards ads saying that low-skill workers be replaced by iPads, since mom-and-pop restaurants may be forced to change their hiring practices to afford the increase.

So, even if we pass a minimum wage, it doesn’t help the heart of the technology industry completely address its own inequality issues.