As spotted on the Apple website today, the company is reminding consumers that they can receive a tax break when purchasing certain Apple products during a tax-free holiday this summer.

A tax-free holiday can be defined as a certain period of time when specific items are not subject to sales tax. Retailers of expensive items, such as electronics, promote tax holidays when consumers can save a large amount of money from the tax break.

The following states will be hosting tax-free holidays this year: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Tennessee. However, Apple reminds you on its site that tax holidays may vary according to state. Also, local taxes might still apply to purchases according to the fine print at the bottom of the page.

That being said, you can still save hundreds of dollars on an Apple product by waiting to buy it until the tax holiday in your state.

If you make a purchase from Apple online during your state’s tax holiday, a sales tax will appear during checkout. Apple specifies that the correct tax information will show up in the email confirmation you receive after the purchase.

The type of items that qualify for tax exemptions can be found on the Federation of Tax Administrators website. Apple also lists this information on its tax-free holiday Web page below the fold.

This year’s tax holidays will be in effect from August 1 through August 3 in all states but Georgia, where it ends on August 2. Massachusetts has also yet to declare its tax holiday period. The timing couldn’t be better for parents who want to equip their kids with new technology for the upcoming school year.