Another week, another set of bosses to fight in Hearthstone’s Curse of Naxxramas add-on. But don’t fret — we’re here to help you. We’ve put together this guide to get you through your battles with each of the difficult, computer-controlled foes.

You can learn what you need to know about the Plague Quarter, or you can find info on the rest of the (currently released) expansion below. Note that these strategies all deal with the bosses on the Normal difficulty.

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Don't let too many of your minions die against this dude.

Above: Don’t let too many of your minions die against this dude.

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Noth the Plaguebringer
Hero Power: Raise Dead (Whenever an enemy dies, summon a 1/1 skeleton.)

Noth is the first Hearthstone character to have a passive Hero Power, meaning that his ability to replace an enemy minion with a 1/1 skeleton triggers automatically without using any mana, no matter whose turn it is.

Since each of your dead characters gives him a 1/1 minion, you won’t want to play an aggressive, fast deck (called aggro decks by fans) that focuses on short-lived, low-mana cards. Instead, try to use a control deck with minions with a lot of health. Of course, having your opponent get a free 1/1 isn’t the end of the world. You can easily dispose of them with some area-of-effect spells, or you could just ignore them (as long as they don’t begin to overwhelm the board). Overall, this fight isn’t too tricky.

Heigan the Unclean
Hero Power: Eruption (Deal 2 damage to the left-most minion.)

For just 1 mana, Heigan can deal 2 damage to your minion that occupies the furthest left spot on your board. The power is a little gimmicky, and it can really hurt your early game. Again, use a deck that has plenty of minions with decent endurance, especially those that cost 2 mana with at least 3 health (like a River Crocolisk or an Amani Berserker). That way, Heigan can’t use his Hero Power to get a cheap kill on a minion — and if he uses it on an Amani Berserker, you have a 5 attack minion the next turn.

Of course, you’ll also need to be careful about where you place minions. Don’t just throw them on the field. Keep the ones with higher health on the left while your stronger cards stay safe from the Hero Power to the right of it. You could also play a weak card with an advantageous Deathrattle, like the 2/1 Loot Hoarder that gives you a free card after it dies, on the left. That way, even if Eruption does kill one of your minions, you still get some value out of it.

Be careful with those Spores.

Above: Be careful with those Spores.

Hero Power: Necrotic Aura (Deal 3 damage to the enemy hero.)

Necrotic Aura works a lot like the Hunter’s Hero Power, which costs 2 mana to do 2 damage to the enemy hero. However, Loatheb’s ability costs 2 mana and does 3 damage. OK, that’s pretty good, but it’s nothing ridiculous. However, he also has 75 health, way above the normal 30.

You also need to watch out for the Deatbloom spell. It deals 5 damage to a minion, but it also summons a Spore on the enemy board. Similarly, Sporeburst will do 1 damage to all enemy minions and summon a Spore. However, remember that killing a Spore gives +8 attack to enemy minions, meaning yours. That’s the trick to beating Loatheb: using his Spores to power your minions. Preferably, use an AOE spell when he has a couple of Spores on the field and when you have at least a couple minions on your board. If he has two Spores out, all of your minions will get +16 attack. Use this to your advantage, and you can chop away at his ridiculous health quickly.

Using an aggro deck works best, since it will give you board control quicker, which means you’ll have more minions that can benefit from the Spores.