SocialRank‘s new features throw your Twitter followers under the microscope.

SocialRank, launched in February, today debuted a major feature overhaul, introducing search and filtering tools that slice and dice your Twitter followers by engagement, location, interests, verification, activity, and employer.

At its core, SocialRank enables social media addicts and money-hungry brands to find out nearly everything they want to know about their followers. It also includes tools for saving and exporting searches for later use. Previously, SocialRank only enabled brands to filter their followers by a few sorting algorithms that considered aspects like engagement, number of followers, and the follower-to-following ratio.


Twitter already offers some advanced search filters natively, including the ability to sort by language, location, and sentiment. But when compared to other social networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter search falls short. SocialRank aims to fix this shortcoming with a simple Web app that makes competing enterprise tools like Sprinklr look overcomplicated.


SocialRank has secured a few high-profile customers ahead of today’s launch, including Uber, Bonobos, Instacart, Century 21, and (believe it or not) Muhammad Ali. You can give the Web app a try here.