Update: Titanfall is once again experiencing server issues on all platforms. This article is updated for July 30.

Hope you weren’t planning on playing some Titanfall right about now.

Gamers on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC are experiencing an issue that is preventing them from connecting to the popular sci-fi shooter from developer Respawn Entertainment. When players load up Titanfall, the title searches for an available server without ever connecting. Gamers instead see a “no server found” error. Microsoft is aware of the problem and says that its team is working on fixing it right now. The issue is also affecting other games that use Xbox Live.

The company updated the Xbox Live Status site with the following message:

It’s come to our attention that some of you are having trouble signing in to Xbox Live and we’d like you to know that we’re diligently working to get everything back to normal. We appreciate your patience during this process and invite you to check back in half an hour for an update on our progress.

This issue is impacting Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC because all versions run on the Xbox Live Compute cloud. Respawn confirmed that it is also aware of the problem and that it is waiting on Microsoft to fix it.

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