Microsoft said goodbye to Windows XP back in April, but that hasn’t stopped millions from clinging to the retired operating system, according to stats released by Net Applications.

If the third-party data is accurate, Windows XP finally slipped below 25 percent desktop OS market share last month — nearly 13 years after its release.

Windows XP’s decline is a good thing; the operating system has been unsupported for months. But unfortunately for Microsoft, the PC giant’s latest OS release, Windows 8.1, also experienced a drop in marketshare last month, as first reported by The Next Web. Windows 8.1 currently holds 6.56 percent of the market, down from 6.61 percent in June. The decline is slight, but it suggests that long-term growth may have stagnated.


Apple’s latest desktop release OS X 10.9, on the other hand, is up by .17 percent from June to July 2014, from 3.95 to 4.12 percent.