Mimosa Networks, the designer of super-fast Wi-Fi networking gear, has unveiled its first wave of wireless Internet backhaul radios.

The company, which recently raised $20 million in a round of funding from New Enterprise Associates, is announcing its B5 Backhaul radio with a wireless technology dubbed massive MIMO (multiple in, multiple out). It is also unveiling its Mimosa Cloud Services network planning and analytics software.

Mimosa says the tech will revolutionize the wireless service provider industry.

The Campbell, Calif.-based company is using the upcoming 10G wireless Wi-Fi chips from Quantenna Communications to deliver Wi-Fi performance that is faster than a gigabit per second, or several times faster than many existing Wi-Fi networks. Mimosa’s products will allow Internet service providers (ISPs) to seamlessly build and manage high-capacity networks that pick up where fiber optic networks leave off.

These products will enable Mimosa to launch its “cloud-to-client” strategy, which will deliver disruptive technology that provides the speed and reliability that today’s Internet users demand. Mimosa said the products use a variety of innovations to improve the efficiency of wireless spectrum. Radios using the tech can deliver 16 MIMO streams and 4 gigabits per second of throughput in a single channel.

“Wireless networks have been historically limited in the ability to deploy fiber speeds economically and on a global scale,” Mimosa CEO Brian Hinman said in a statement. “Mimosa’s mission is to create an incredibly broad suite of products at each layer of the Internet access network that will make wireless a scalable Internet solution for all types of communities worldwide.”

To date, Mimosa has raised $38 million in venture funding.

Hinman, previously founder of Polycom and 2Wire, and Jaime Fink, chief technology officer, started the company in 2012.