The man that originally made his name thanks to god games now brings one to iOS devices with Godus, which is now on the iTunes App Store as a free-to-play title — even though it first debuted as a Kickstarter game.

“In Godus your hands will sculpt the mountains and carve rivers,” Molyneux says in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “Your touch will create pastures for your people. You will be loved by tiny worshipers that need your help to grow and your direction to progress through the ages of civilization. Power comes to you through influence, and your miracles guide the forces of nature. You must decide whether to use such awesome power for good or ill. As you progress through the game you will find history hidden in the land through mysterious artefacts that uncover the true story behind your Followers. By journeying to far off lands to complete quests, you will bring back powerful abilities for your ever-gracious people. I’m fascinated to see how players wield such powers on mobile.”

Molyneux’s 22cans studio launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Godus in 2012. It went over its goal of £450,000 ($732,510) and eventually earned £526,563 ($823,246). It came out in 2014. Backer rewards included beta access and digital copies of the PC and Mac versions of Godus, which is $20 on Steam’s Early Access program.

GODUS - Hubworld Trailer

Molyneux previously created the god game Populus for the Amiga in 1989. He later founded Lionhead Studios and was responsible for the Black & White and Fable series. The original Black & White was a PC god game that came out back in 2001. It had one sequel, 2005’s Black & White 2. Godus is Molyneux’s first god game since then.

Molyneux left Lionhead in 2012 and started 22cans, the developer behind Godus. Previously, 22cans released Curiosity — What’s Inside the Cube? for iOS and Android. After that, 22cans launched the Kickstarter campaign to fund Godus.