LAS VEGAS — John McAfee, the controversial founder of McAfee antivirus software, has started a new company called The Brown List aimed at helping people fight big problems. He made the announcement in a surprise appearance at a hacker conference here today.

The list will take complaints filed by ordinary people about an injustice that they perceive, such as repression
from a government or callous act of a large corporation. The Brown List will then try to help those citizens get justice.

“Turn your anger into something positive,” he said in a talk at Defcon, the hacker conference in Las Vegas.

McAfee said that people who file complaints can provide videos or other evidence about their complaints.

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Then he will give the company or government entity up to 24 hours to resopnd. Then he will post it. Readers
can recommend suggestions, and people can vote for the best suggestions.

McAfee said he left his money in Belize banks, and so he is raising money to fund the company through donations. The company site is

The site is its alpha testing now.