It looks like one of the ghosts from gaming’s past might make a comeback.

Sierra Entertainment’s¬†website was recently reactivated with a short video teasing a return at Gamescom, a gaming trade show in Cologne, Germany, starting Aug. 13. The video simply shows a man in a snowy environment running toward a mountain, presumably playing off of the company’s namesake.

Sierra Entertainment’s parent company, Activision Blizzard, originally absorbed the brand back in 2008. Before that, Sierra was known for developing and publishing some of the most influential PC games of its time, especially graphical adventure series like King’s Quest, Space Quest, Gabriel Knight, and Quest for Glory.

We have no idea what this brand resurrection could mean. Are we going to see the return of some of those classic adventure franchises? We’ll have to wait for Gamescom to start on Aug. 13 to find out, but this is potentially¬†exciting news for any old-school fan of PC gaming.

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