Let’s play some cards. No! Put away that stupid euchre deck. I want to play online, and I prefer cards that have magical powers that make me feel like a sick wizard. Oh, look, Hearthstone has those things, and it’s getting new content right now.

Publisher Blizzard just released The Construct Quarter, which is the fourth and penultimate episode in its Curse of Naxxramas add-on for Hearthstone in the Americas. This new content adds three new single-player boss battles that players will have to use strategy to overcome. Over the last several weeks, the company has unleashed sections of Naxxramas for $7 a piece or 700 in-game gold or as part of a $20 season pass.

Beating all three opponents in The Construct Quarter will unlock a handful of new cards that players can immediately start using in their decks.¬†These cards can make an immediate impact, and it’s a big reason that a lot of Hearthstone players are picking up the content.

Now that The Construct Quarter is out in North and South America, the content is fully rolled out worldwide.

This is Blizzard’s first major attempt to bring in new premium content for Hearthstone. Naxxramas has already had a positive influence on the game’s ranking on the iOS App Store’s top-grossing chart, and it’s likely doing just as well or even better on PC. With Hearthstone playing an important role when it comes to Blizzard’s bottom line, it’s likely we’ll see a lot of content like this in the future.