The zombie-survival sim Day Z is coming to Sony’s new console.

Developer Bohemia Interactive is bringing its megapopular shooter to PlayStation 4. Day Z creator Dean Hall took the stage during Sony’s press conference at Gamescom in Germany today to reveal that his team is porting the PC game to another platform for the first time. Day Z has players waking up on an island overtaken by the undead. You must scour the environment for tools to help them survive in a fully online world where other players are always waiting to take your stuff. After debuting on Steam’s Early Access portal in December, Day Z has continually topped that digital-distribution network’s top-selling games chart for months now.

“We wanted to develop the game for each platform’s strengths,” Day Z lead developer Dean Hall said.

Day Z on PlayStation 4 will take advantage of the console’s power as well as its built-in online multiplayer capabilities to improve the experience compared to PC version.

We’ve reached out to Bohemia for more, and we’ll update this post with any information about a release date.