The Xbox One will go into this holiday with a number of console bundles to attract a variety of gamers.

Microsoft announced today that it will launch three new Xbox One bundles leading up to the busy gift-giving season. One box will come with FIFA 15 (but only in Europe), another comes with Sunset Overdrive, and the last will include Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. To help set some of these packages apart, Microsoft is including a special white Xbox One with Sunset Overdrive while Call of Duty will come with a system that features 1TB of storage. The Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U are all pretty light on big exclusives this holiday as publishers pushed a number of games into 2015, so Microsoft seems like it is doing what it can to emphasize what it has now.

While the FIFA bundle is headed to Europe, U.S. gamers can expect to see the previously announced Madden NFL 15 Xbox One bundle later this month.

The Xbox One is selling well, but the PlayStation 4 is outselling it by a significant margin. Microsoft has already made a number of changes to the Xbox One, including introducing a version of the Xbox One that comes without the Kinect camera at a reduced price (the same as the PS4, in fact). Now, it is looking to pack in big-name games in an effort to attract gamers this fall.

“We’re excited to offer fans more choice and value than ever before,” Xbox boss Phil Spencer said. “These bundles offer a great opportunity to enjoy Xbox One alongside an incredible line-up of games, making Xbox the best place to play this holiday and beyond.”

Up first is the FIFA 15 bundle. That will launch on Sept. 25 in Europe, and it will include a standard Xbox One for €400. In October, Microsoft will unleash developer Insomniac Games’ colorful shooter Sunset Overdrive, and the company will debut the special white system on that same day. That bundle will retail for $400. Finally, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s 1TB Xbox One will debut on Nov. 3 for $500.

All three systems come with the digital versions of their respective games.

While Microsoft is getting aggressive by packing in different games with its system, the company is not including the Kinect vision camera with any of its recently announced bundles. Customers who head out to pick up one of these deals will have to purchase the Kinect separately.