Smart Personalization Dips Into Big Data To Keep Devices Built For Speed and Killer Apps Where They’re Needed Most “Mobie takes the guesswork out of finding and tuning the apps that transform your internet of things into a field of dreams – where mobile life works your way.”

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–August 12, 2014–

Mobie, the first personalization app to check Android apps both inside and out, announced today the millionth download of their beta release in the Google Play store. Mobie is your friend in the app business who demystifies the good, bad and sometimes ugly decisions that make or break your mobile experience.

Together with his devoted crew of developers and users, Mobie’s on a mission to keep your smart phone working as well after downloading the next killer app as it did before. Rather than going it alone in an Android Neverland where apps don’t all grow up and tinkering comes with the territory, these lifehackers are turning the Internet of Things into their own personal field of dreams.

Keep calm and get your apps on. Mobie makes a great first impression by organizing and recommending apps based on the latest community usage and immediately alerts you to any that cut too deeply into your data plan, storage, or battery life. He vaccinates your device against stalker spyware while alerting you to apps that are known for oversharing your private details.

“Mobie has evolved into an adaptive, multi-level homescreen, data optimizer, and system manager that personalizes itself automatically to the user, making it the most innovative Android app on the market,” raves a loyal fan, “If I could add only one app to my stock Samsung Galaxy, it would be Mobie, period.”

It’s an inconvenient truth of the Android market that powerful devices bogged down by bloatware and resource-hungry apps drive many to upgrade phones and plans sooner rather than later. It’s easy for apps to get into Google Play, but much harder for consumers to leave with one that works for them. Hailed as “one of the most versatile pieces of software out there” by Digital Spy, and dubbed “the ideal app for your phone to keep it secure and in tip-top shape” by Gizmodo UK, Mobie puts you back in control of your mobile life. Mobie stands with the first one million Android users who want more from their smart phones and less of their mobile lives handed to them by manufacturers and carriers.

Your friend for mobile life. He learns which apps you use most and automatically arranges them into location-based zones including “home”, “work”, and “on the go”. Customizable expressions such as “catching up” and “chilling” keep the apps you use most one tap away. Infrequently used apps are highlighted to make sure you still want them. Mobie even saves your preferences to streamline the process of upgrading to new devices or plans.

Crowd sourcing a better Android world. Mobie surfaces the most eco-friendly apps to help protect your privacy and keep your cool new device tweaked for the long run. It’s easy to find the latest app fad, but how many are worth devoting even a small part of your busy mobile life to? Mobie and his crew help you round up rogue apps – the vampires, pigs and spies that dumb down your smart phone and leak personal details.

Keeping it real. Big data on how apps perform compared to their peers under a wide range of real world conditions gives developers unprecedented insights that can be leveraged to increase retention and usage. Before Mobie, simulating this level of complexity was impractical for all but those developers with the deepest pockets.

“Today’s consumers want to cut through the hype and get to a better Android ecosystem where flexibility, control and simplicity rule,” said Innopath CEO, John Fazio, “We’re committed to working with developers, the growing Mobie community, and key thought leaders to give 6 billion mobile lifers a better alternative to just waiting for the iPhone 6.”

Mobie is available worldwide on Google Play. In July 2014, the company launched its community program to share best practices and weigh in on Mobie’s future release priorities. Join the growing mobile resistance movement by becoming a MobieInsider. Community members get early access to all the latest features and share their thoughts, experiences, and recommendations to earn points that can be redeemed for cool Mobie gear.

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About innoPath/Mobie:

innoPath, a leading provider of carrier-grade cloud services, keeps the mobile world going strong. Mobie, a leading adaptive personalization app with more than one million downloads, evolved from this scalable platform to serve busy innovators who believe in the promise of Android, and simply want their mobile life to work.

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