Enterprise company Salesforce.com shelled out big for cutting-edge cloud-software startup RelateIQ last month, and now the deal is done.

Altogether, the acquisition came out to $392 million, according to a new regulatory filing from Salesforce that became public today.

“I can confirm that we have closed our acquisition of RelateIQ,” a Salesforce spokeswoman wrote in an email to VentureBeat.

Altogether, the acquisition of RelateIQ, which helped salespeople document their work and figure out the best people to contact at companies in order to win deals, is the second largest in Salesforce’s 15-year history (behind last year’s $2.5 billion ExactTarget deal). And it could lead to a major advancement for Salesforce. One source told VentureBeat that the RelateIQ team, which includes several data scientists, will form the basis of a new research-and-development team likely called Salesforce X.

In any case, the final figure for the deal is a bit more than the approximation Salesforce originally disclosed last month, which was $390 million.

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