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According to AppLovin’s Co-founder and CEO Adam Foroughi, getting an app install is easy. Getting an app install for a customer who actually engages and uses your product is another thing entirely.

It’s something that AppLovin has seen many times. Companies invest in a mobile app, but then struggle to get consumers engaging with it or transacting. AppLovin often works with brands to collect data on their apps’ post-install activity — and generate new users who actually end up using their products.

Going back and reengineering the user experience is often the answer. Other times, it’s working with existing customer databases and using intelligent promotion to get customers truly engaged with an existing app and transacting.

AppLovin customers have seen conversions triple for users who click through on those promotional ads. As impressive, is that conversions double for users who see the ads, but don’t click through!

“Mobile is about consumer attention,” says Foroughi. “It’s where the consumer is more times than not, and the objective is to capture that attention on mobile devices in highly effective ways.”

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