Invitations are floating around for a possible Moto 360 smartwatch launch party in Chicago on September 4, according to CNet. Partygoers may also witness the rollout of Motorola’s other latest gadgets.

The invitations show pictures of Motorola’s current-generation phones — the Moto X cell phone and its slower, cheaper sibling, the Moto G — and some Bluetooth accessories; possibly hinting at new releases for both products. The upgrade to the Moto X, the Moto X+1 is highly anticipated.

The Moto X was the first mobile phone Google put out after acquiring Motorola, so expectations were certainly high when the phone debuted last November. But, Google, having control of both the software and hardware for the first time, didn’t disappoint. The phone’s ability to recognize voice commands and get better at recognizing them over time, paired with gesture recognition and enhanced display notifications, showed promise for future Google/Motorola products.

Then in June, we saw the Moto 360 at the Google I/O conference. The round-faced Android based smartwatch caught the attention of conference goers with its simple display and long battery life. But the watch hadn’t officially launched at that point. Now it seems the time has come for Google and Motorola to let loose their newest gadgets on the world.

Prepare for September to be a showdown. Samsung is set to do a big product release September 3, and Apple will likely be debuting the iPhone 6 the following week, with Motorola’s release sitting right between the two.