Verite Educational Systems offers easy-to-use, multi-platform software for schools and home

DULLES, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–August 18, 2014–

Verite Group Inc. announces the spin-out of Verite Educational Systems Inc. to design and market enterprise-quality technology tools to educators and families who together are raising the next generation of digital citizens.

Verite Educational Systems will serve the educational technology market, which in Q1 2014 saw total investment of more than US$500 million. Currently embarking on its Round A financing, the spin-out launches with US$1.3 million in seed funding provided by its management team and Taher Behbehani, high-tech entrepreneur and corporate executive.

Led by a team of experienced technologists from Verite Group who are compelled by their shared passion as concerned parents, Verite Educational Systems will build innovative, multi-platform and easy-to-use tools that teachers and parents can use to help children thrive online.

Verite Educational Systems will bring fresh leadership to the EdTech sector, which is grappling with a variety of issues, including the rise of Internet exposure in early childhood, increased utilization of technology in K-12 education, and the market’s complicated and fragmented array of offerings that only play catch-up to the deluge of new websites and apps.

“Ten years ago, it was easy to manage my older children’s time online. It’s much different now with my middle-schooler,” said George Dotterer, CEO and co-founder of Verite Educational Systems. “When shopping for Internet security software for my home, I was dismayed to discover that schools and parents did not have access to a solution anywhere near the quality of those designed for my clients.” For more than a decade, Verite Group has provided Subject Matter Expert (SME) services and tailored technology solutions to large corporations and government clients.

The company’s inaugural product, NetRef, will roll out in schools in fall 2014 and to families in spring 2015. The Internet management solution empowers educators and parents to set the boundaries kids need to use the web safely. NetRef can help children focus and manage their time online productively whether they are at school, at home or on the go.

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