Change is scary. Things may suck now, but many people can easily imagine all of the ways things could get worse by making something different. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare developer Sledgehammer is going to include something for those gamers in its upcoming shooter.

Sledgehammer studio heads Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield assured fans of the franchise that it would include the option to turn off Advanced Warfare’s new exosuit. While that robotic armor adds exciting new movement abilities (like double jumping) to the futuristic military shooter, some fans fear it could drastically alter the Call of Duty experience they love. By making the exoskeleton optional, Sledgehammer can let adventurous fans take full advantage of the new content while giving a more timid players a place to play as well. Call of Duty makes hundreds of millions of dollars every year, and any change to its winning formula could put that money at risk.

“We understand that some players may want to go back to the more traditional style [of Call of Duty],” Condrey told YouTube personality DVLZStation (as PC Gamer first spotted). “So there will be a traditional playlist where you can play Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Capture the Flag and others without the boost jump and without the Exosuit.”

Advanced Warfare is the 11th entry in the Call of Duty franchise. Developer Infinity Ward established the series with the original game for PC in 2004, but Call of Duty really broke out with 2008’s Call of Duty: 4 Modern Warfare. That military shooter took a look at contemporary combat and technology, and it especially caught on for its compelling online multiplayer action.

Publisher Activision has released a new Call of Duty every year since 2004, and the franchise is always the best-selling shooter of the year. If Advanced Warfare is going to maintain that sales momentum, it will have to thrill new players while not alienating its dedicated fanbase.