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“We all carry in our pockets a temple of science,” claims Tyler Bell, VP of Product for Factual. He’s talking about the power of mobile devices to collect location data points that let businesses and advertisers build detailed and revealing profiles of their consumers.

These location data points are increasing everywhere, from ad impressions to opt-in when users choose to share their location with a trusted publisher. And the intel that comes from collecting this data is powerful.

Attribution is just one example. “With attribution,” explains Tyler, “we can understand which bit of data, owned by whom, drove a user into a retail bricks and mortar environment — connecting online and offline.”

Factual’s location data platform provides a data layer of all the world’s commercial businesses (65 million places in 50 countries) that enables them to work with publishers, ad networks and DSP’s to target content with bulls-eye precision.

Then there’s the future of location data. What really excites Tyler is the collective shared environment — millions of users sharing data that will enable us to move beyond the proprietary third party info we’ve relied on till now. “I think it’s the most powerful movement in the mobile space,” he says.

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