Finally, we come to the end of Hearthstone’s first add-on, Curse of Naxxramas. You have two more bosses to beat before you can claim your final victory. But don’t worry! We’re to help you with this guide.

You can learn what you need to know about the Frostwyrm Quarter, or you can find info on the rest of the quarters below. Note that all these of strategies deal with the bosses on the Normal difficulty.

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Quick, hide behind the frozen Gnome!

Above: Quick, hide behind the frozen Gnome!

Image Credit: GamesBeat

Hero Power: Frost Breath (Destroy all enemy minions that aren’t frozen)

You start the fight with a frozen minion on your board, the 2/10 Frozen Champion. This gnome remains frozen, any minion next to the Frozen Champion is immune to Sapphiron’s Hero Power, Frost Breath. This power doesn’t cost the dragon any mana to use, so expect him to cast it every turn.

Basically, the strange mechanics of this fight mean you can really only have two useful minions on the board at any time. Well, at least ones that will survive your enemy’s next turn. You could try to beat Sapphiron by carefully playing your best minions next to the Frozen Champion, or you could rely on a spell-heavy deck to quickly burn away his health and not have to worry so much about the Hero Power.

You could also try to use Frost Breath to your advantage with cards that give you nice bonuses via Deathrattle, especially the Nerubian egg. It costs 2 mana and is only 0/2, but a 4/4 Nerubian replaces it when it dies. Couple that with a few buffing spells like the Paladin’s Blessing of Kings (which gives a minion +4/+4) and you can do a lot of damage in one turn.

Whatever you do, just make sure the Frozen Champion stays alive. Don’t accidentally give it Taunt (this will cause the boss to target it immediately), don’t silence it, and don’t let it lose all of its health. You’re screwed without it.


Above: That Hero Power whittles away at your health over time.

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Hero Power: Frost Blast (Deal 2 damage to the enemy hero and freeze it)

Frost Blast costs Kel’Thuzad 0 mana to use, so he’ll freeze and do 2 damage to your hero every turn while he has it. This will make weapons useless.

Kel’Thuzad starts with 10 armor on top of his 30 health. After you destroy his armor, he will suddenly stop you in the middle of your turn and instantly give himself two Guardians of Icecrown, 3/3 minions with Taunt. His Hero Power then changes to Chains, which takes control of an enemy minion until the end of his turn. However, it costs him a whopping 8 mana to use. He’ll also use plenty of spells that can freeze your minions.

To beat Kel’Thuzad, you’ll want outlast his initial onslaught. Frost Blast is a pain to deal with, so get rid of his armor quickly before it can do too much damage to you. Chains seems powerful, but it is so expensive that he barely uses it. Once he loses his armor and you clear those Guardians of Icecrown, this becomes a much more normal and manageable fight. An aggressive deck (called aggro decks by fans) can quickly take care of that armor, but a control deck (which is a slower kind of deck filled with higher-mana cost minions and abilities) can also get the job done as long as you don’t lose too much of your health before you destroy his armor. Of course, you can always use cards with healing abilities to help you out.

I used a Paladin control deck. It took a bit to take get rid of his armor, and I lost more than half my health in the process. However, once it was gone, I had enough cards and mana that I was able to clear his board quickly, play very strong minions (like Ragnaros and Tirion Fordring), and dominate him in a few rounds.

Also, be careful when you deplete his armor. He’ll end your turn as soon as you do. Make sure you play any cards you want to before you attack him and take his armor down to zero.