Disney Infinity 2.0's text creator

Above: The new Text Creator tool allows you to insert text bubbles.

Image Credit: Disney

Creating levels for toys that don’t have them

On top of making fun Toy Box levels that Disney Infinity 2.0 players can download to their consoles for free, the community designers are also working on creating content for toys that don’t have a playset (specific levels built around a Disney property) attached to them. The Toy Box’s new features, such as text bubbles that players can use to write dialogue or to issue quests, allow them to craft their own storylines. They’ll also experiment with creating episodic content.

“The community team will be able to utilize those [new tools], for example, to recreate a level from a famous Disney video game from years past that might feature one of the new characters we’ve just announced,” said Vignocchi. “Or create a new thread for a class of Marvel characters that’ve never come together before.”

Aside from making worlds that’ll inspire the rest of the community to build, the team’s larger purpose is to help push a steady stream of content beyond the Sept. 23 launch date of the 2.0 edition in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes. It’s a huge responsibility that won’t just rest on their shoulders, however. Disney Interactive hopes to hire more members from the community as demand for Toy Box levels increases.

Want to join them? Start by reading our handy guide, which will tell you how to get your Toy Box levels featured in the game and on Toy Box TV.