Datacenter security software company vArmour just announced a raise of $36 million in funding. The raise is a combination of a December 2013 B round that landed the company $15 million and a C round that just closed at $21 million.

Menlo Ventures led the B round and Columbus Nova Technology Partners (CNTP), Citi Ventures, and Work-Bench Ventures led the C round.

vArmour is working on software to secure a virtualized world, where cloud computing is king. Security products of the past have focused on both hardware and software solutions that protect the perimeter of a datacenter as well as the stationary files within it; but files and file storage have changed. With “virtualization,” or the increasing use of virtual computers, a file’s location is more tenuous, and old guard security software has a harder time protecting files and locating intruders.

vArmour stands for virtual armour, a nod to its entirely software-based approach. The company wants to protect data centers by monitoring every piece of information that comes in and goes out of a given center, using analytics to process data and tags to identify it.

This is the third raise for the company while still in stealth, bringing its total funding to $42 million. vArmour plans to emerge this fall, no doubt flush with cash.