Regrets — every gamer has them. Maybe it’s the copy of Hydrophobia you bought during a Steam sale, or that copy of War Z you received as a birthday gift from a clueless friend. Every lamentable purchase you’ve ever made is stuck in your Steam library, but now you at least have the option to hide them.

Valve recently introduced a “Hide this game in my library” function in the latest beta client update for its digital distribution platform, Steam. Under the Set Categories menu, this feature creates a new “Hidden” filter in your Steam library, safely tucking away all of those guilty pleasures you don’t want the world to see. These games are still available for play, and they still appear on your profile, so this isn’t a foolproof way of concealing the 40 hours you spend on Petz Horsez 2, but it’s a start.

So GamesBeat wanted to know: What’s your most embarrassing Steam game? Why would you hide it? We asked the community on Twitter, and your responses were surprisingly varied. When it comes to regretful purchases, there’s no clear “winner.”

Some of the writers here at GamesBeat ‘fessed up as well, sharing their own Steam-based shame.

What’s your most embarrassing Steam game? Let us know in the comments!

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