Most buyers of expensive luxury sedans are men, and most Tesla Model S electric car drivers seem to be men too.

There are notable exceptions, of course, including NASCAR ARCA-series racer and self-described “vegetarian hippie chick” Leilani Münter.

But now, apparently, the fast, sleek, expensive, and fashionable Model S is also a gift for wealthy men to give to their fiancées as a demonstration of their power.

That, at least, seems to be the message from the latest episode of “Mistresses,” a primetime soap opera now in its second season on ABC-TV.

The drama deals with “the lives of four female friends and their involvement in an array of illicit and complex relationships,” in the understated words of Wikipedia.

ABC-TV 'Mistresses' show, in which 'Choices' episode discusses gift of a Tesla Model S electric car

The episode, entitled “Choices,” aired Monday night. About 15 minutes into the story, it not only shows the Model S being delivered, but includes a shot of the car’s huge dashboard touchscreen display.

We don’t have frame grabs from those scenes, unfortunately, but the Tesla topic comes up again in a second scene.

In that scene, Joss (the fiancée in question) bemoans to her friend April the dependency she feels the gift of a Model S imposes on her, and muses about calling off her engagement as a resullt.

April: “So, what’s the problem, OK? You had a fight with Scott?”

Joss: [sob]

April: “OK…”

Joss: “He bought me a Tesla”

April: “I think we have different definitions of the word ‘problem’…”

Joss explains that she loved the unnamed “coupe” that she had saved up for and bought herself after hard bargaining — but that the Tesla is a gift, “the gift of dependency.”

While she’d thought the hardest part of marriage would be monogamy, she said, that’s not a problem with Scott.

Instead, it’s the balance of power issues in the relationship — which the gift of a Tesla “throws…all out of whack,” since it’s a car she “couldn’t afford in a million years.”

This “crazy Tesla thing freaks me out,” she emotes.

April explains that giving a Tesla to your fiancée is entirely different than giving a Tesla to your mistress, but Joss doesn’t see it.

Joss: “When am I ever supposed to get mad at him when he can hold a Tesla over my head?”

The challenge of Model S ownership may be summed up by one single line, however:

Joss: “And you wanna know the worst part? I’m already getting used to it.”

More than 50,000 Tesla Model S owners around the world may nod in sympathy.

Makes us wonder if the scriptwriter happens to be a Model S owner.

[hat tip: Brian Henderson]

This story originally appeared on Green Car Reports. Copyright 2014