Spotify today announced the launch of the first “Spotify-enabled” smart TV in an exclusive deal that will see the music streaming service integrated directly into Phillips TVs.

Spotify shares that its Phillips TV integration will enable users to play songs from their TV via a smartphone, tablet, or Philips remote. According to Spotify, this deal is “the first in a long line of Smart TVs to launch with Spotify Connect.”

In addition, Spotify reveals that it has struck deals with Bose, Panasonic, and Gramofon to expand its “Spotify Connect” home audio offering. Spotify Connect is only available to paid Spotify subscribers.

Rounding out today’s news, the streaming music company also announced a “multi-room” feature, which enables users to stream different songs to different speakers (ideally placed in separate rooms) via a single device.

For Spotify, the more devices it supports, the more easily it can win over new subscribers.