PC gamers, it’s time to drool.

Falcon Northwest is launching a series of three new gamer PC desktops with new tech features enabled by Intel’s X99 chip set and its codenamed Haswell-E processor with eight computing cores, or brains.

The Medford, Ore.-based Falcon Northwest is a boutique maker of gaming PCs. Its three new computers will have the consumer-focused 8-core processors, new motherboards, and the first new type of memory to hit the market in seven years, DDR4. A bunch of PC makers are launching similar machines with the Intel parts today.

“In our 23 years of building high-end PCs, I can’t ever remember seeing this much new tech hitting at the same time.” said Kelt Reeves, the president of Falcon Northwest, in a statement. “Our fall desktop lineup of Intel X99-based systems with 8-core CPUs, 10 SATA ports, 12 USB 3.0 ports, and 64 gigs of DDR4 memory make the systems we built even a year ago look like antiques. Intel X99 is that big of a leap forward.”

Every system has liquid cooling. The 64GB DDR4 memory has 20 percent more bandwidth and uses 20 percent less energy than older chips.

The company will show the new computers off at PAX Prime 2014 gaming show in Seattle.

Every Falcon system liquid cools these CPUs for the fastest speeds and longest life.

The Mach V full tower is Falcon’s largest and most expandable system, with basic X99 configurations starting at $3,021. The Talon is a mid-sized tower model starting at $2,330, and the FragBox Small Form Factor system is a shoebox-size machine starting at $2,313.

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