Today Amazon announced the departure of Thomas Szkutak, the company’s chief financial officer since 2002.

During Szkutak’s 12-year tenure, Amazon became an “everything-store,” launched its own hardware to dominate the e-reader business, and introduced some flops, too — like the briefly exciting Fire Phone.

Szkutak managed the finances of each and every one of Amazon’s business units. Judging from Amazon’s stock price alone, the departing CFO pulled Amazon out of the dot-com gutter and led the company to grow 17 times over.

$AMZN, from 1997 to 2014.

Above: $AMZN, from 1997 to 2014.

Image Credit: Google Finance

Szkutak is set to leave in the summer of 2015. Even with a lengthy transition time, such a change could easily rattle investors as Amazon toys with experimental business models like content streaming and moonshots like drone delivery.

Amazon finance vice president Brian Olsavsky, who also joined the company in 2002, is expected to replace Szkutak over the next 10 months.