It was just a few weeks ago that outspoken indie developer Phil Fish, creator of the puzzle-platform game Fez, announced he was leaving game development due to endless harassment from gamers. But that didn’t stop him from making a new statement tonight regarding the ongoing uproar surrounding the industry.

In response to the mob of angry people on social media that continue to attack personalities like Anita Sarkeesian, Depression Quest developer Zoe Quinn, and others for speaking out against sexism in games, Fish has provided a new statement … and it’s kind of amazing. In lieu of addressing anything specific, Fish instead decided to directly quote one of the great people in history as his way of saying “up yours!”

I’ll let his statement, which he provided to GamesBeat, speak for itself:

Phil Fish

OK, so that speech is actually from a movie. I won’t spoil your opportunity for a “know-it-all” moment. If you are bursting with the answer, then I’ll let you go ahead and post it in the comments.

(h/t Mike McWhertor)