Hot mobile email service Boxer launched a much-anticipated native Android app today, but it’s actually just a small part of a larger plan to take on the enterprise.

Boxer, which initially launched on iOS with support for many major email clients, takes the position that your inbox is still the most valuable source of information because it’s where all the lines of communication cross, where meeting dates are confirmed, where tasks originate before getting added to task lists, and the like. However, all that information is usually too chaotic to manage when trying to use stock email apps. Boxer attempts to fix that by speeding up the message information sorting process — allowing you to create to-do lists, assign tasks, respond quickly, and generally use your inbox to its full potential.

And now the startup is going after enterprise-level clients.

“Most companies probably realize that if the tools provided to them don’t have the look and feel of a consumer app, employees will go around them and use something better,” Boxer CEO Andrew Eye told VentureBeat. “From a security standpoint that’s a problem, and as soon as the IT department realizes it, all they have to do is decide to block access.”

The result of this is that employees are essentially less productive than they could be, Eye added.


But Boxer hopes to solve that problem by offering a consumer-like app that integrates with key enterprise software. For example, Boxer’s Salesforce integration allows enterprise-level users to add new contacts directly into the Salesforce platform from Boxer’s email app within seconds. Using a stock email app would take exponentially longer, Eye said.

“Nobody wants to spend an entire minute to pull up Salesforce, pull up an email with all the contact information from a message, and then manually enter it. It usually just doesn’t happen, and people end up having to constantly search the inbox when they want to reach that contact instead,” Eye explained.

Boxer now offers a decent set of integrations with other sales and marketing platforms most companies use regularly, such as Box and Salesforce. Additionally, the app also offers enterprise-level client integration with “bring-your-own-device” security services like MobileIron and Airwatch. And now that Boxer is available on Android, pulling in new enterprise clients should prove easier.

Founded in 2012, Austin, Texas-based Boxer has raised $3.8 million in funding to date. The startup, which competes with Dropbox-owned Mailbox, offers both free and premium versions of its mobile email apps. For a closer look at the new Android app, check out the demo video below.