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Big data, analytics, and consumer online behavior are all things we hear a lot about in the marketing and sales worlds, but what do they really mean, and what are their practical uses? It’s great to have statistics on your customer base and corresponding insights — it’s another to be able to use that information well enough to capitalize on it.

According to Scott Brinker of ion interactive, “The key to marketing and sales success in 2014 is layering in analytics data and information into the creative aspects of marketing to achieve a more well-rounded approach and a better end-user experience.

“It’s not entirely, 100% data-driven,” Brinker explains. “It’s trying to find this balance between the right amount of analytical discipline, and the right amount of human experience.”

Learn how Brinker and ion interactive are looking to the future of marketing and sales, and what role they expect big data and analytics to play in advertising as it moves forward.

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