GamesBeat 2014 is the must-attend event of the fall for serious games developers, and we want to give you free tickets.

Just a few of the GamesBeat 2014 speakers

Above: Just a few of the GamesBeat 2014 speakers

Image Credit: John Koetsier

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson will be speaking, as will Amazon’s VP of Games, Mike Frazzini. Google’s top game bizdev honcho, Bob Meese, will be onstage. Former MySpace CEO and current Social Gaming Network founder Chris DeWolfe will be there. Kabam’s head of development will be speaking. So will Zynga’s COO and Kym Nelson, SVP at Twitch.

We’ll also have execs and developers from Tencent, Tapjoy, Kixeye, InMobi, Unity, Wooga, TapSense, SpikeTV, IGN, DeNA, Nativex, TrialPay … and more. There’s too many to mention, but the whole list is here.

And yes, we also have speakers from Super Evil Megacorp, and It’s A Secret.

You definitely want to be here! Tickets are still available, but you can also try to get them for free.

At VB Insight, the research branch of VentureBeat, we study mobile games and marketing tech: how to get users, how to monetize users, and generally, how to take what you love (making cool games) and ensure it’s also something that pays the bills (and then some).

So answer two simple questions for us. We’ll pick the best 25 answers, and we’ll shoot you free tickets to GamesBeat 2014. It’s in just 10 days, in San Francisco.

Here are the questions. Go nuts.

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