Today Google announced it has settled a class action lawsuit involving six different photography trade associations. The six organizations collectively sued over copyright infringement involving books scanned for Google Books.

Google shared the news today on its blog, cautioning that this settlement is separate from its larger legal battle with the Authors Guild. This lawsuit, “American Society of Media Photographers, Inc. et al. v. Google Inc,” was first filed in 2010. Google’s Authors Guild legal struggles, however, first began in 2005 and continue to rage on.

Here’s the original complaint, in full, filed by the American Society of Media Photographers, the Graphic Artists Guild, the Digital Media Licensing Association, the North American Nature Photography Association, the Professional Photographers of America, and the National Press Photographers Association.

Google is no stranger to lawsuits, and ever since the company debuted its book scanning ambitions 12 years ago, the company has faced seemingly countless legal complaints involving the service.