Universities are bastions of higher learning, and a lot of college gamers should have an easier time paying attention to their studies since Destiny isn’t working for many of them.

Students at a number of universities are reporting that the online sci-fi shooter won’t connect over their school’s Internet connection. Players in dorm rooms are encountering error codes like “Centipede” and “Grape,” according to a post on developer Bungie’s forum. The result is that students can’t get online to play Destiny at all. We reported yesterday that Destiny is experiencing occasional server issues that are affecting players around the world, but the “Centipede” and “Grape” errors are often campus-wide problems.

Impacted schools include the University of Tennessee, University of Dayton in Ohio, and Steven F. Austin State University in Texas. Bungie says it is aware of the issue, and it is working on a fix.

While the studio is trying to get Destiny working on college networks, the IT departments at several schools are also trying to fix the problem. The University of Maryland’s IT crew provided the following statement that might explain what is happening:

“The issue is that the game is so new that our packet-shaping appliance does not yet have a classification for it,” the university’s IT department said. “And so there is no guarantee of quality of service. That is why sometimes it works, but most of the time, it does not.”

Destiny is an online-only game, and part of its success will depend on how reliable its connection is. While the title is experiencing issues on college campuses and elsewhere, it has actually had a smooth launch. The shooter has let most players connect without issue.