Tumblr has lifted its ban of fashion-centric RSS reader Bloglovin after blocking the service for more than five weeks.

The news comes days after Bloglovin hit 30 million users. According to a Tumblr spokesperson, “the ban was lifted” because the two services “reached an agreement that limits Bloglovin’s ability to reproduce Tumblr blogs in their entirety.” For over a month, Tumblr fans could not read Tumblr posts via the Bloglovin service.

As we’ve said before, Bloglovin is not a plain RSS reader: “Bloglovin displays full blog posts via an iframe, an HTML tag introduced over a decade ago that prompts Web browsers to render an entire site, theme and all, atop Bloglovin.com.”

When we first covered the ban, Tumblr accused the startup of being “unwilling to remove features designed to siphon traffic from Tumblr blogs, including the wholesale reproduction of blog pages.”

Although a compromise has apparently been reached, we have yet to notice any changes in functionality on Bloglovin’s end. Popular Tumblr blogs such as “What I Wore” are still displayed in full, theme and all, inside an iframe.

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