Mobile ad exchange TapSense is unveiling an ebook today that helps game makers monetize their titles with advertising. The 22-page ebook is aimed at demystifying the process of making money from games, and it includes five tips that every game company should know.

Mobile ads have become more important part of the business of making games thanks to growing audiences. Only about 2 percent of players make in-app purchases in free-to-play games, where users can play for free and pay real money for virtual goods. Advertising is the way to monetize the remaining 98 percent, according to Ash Kumar, chief executive of TapSense

Kumar is speaking on a panel today on a game monetization at our sixth annual GamesBeat 2014 conference in San Francisco. The tips for increasing ad revenue in a game are as follows:

1. Get superior monetization with real-time bidding (RTB). Real-time bidding makes ad buyers compete in real-time and maximizes the value of a game app’s ad inventory. It simplifies the process for buying ads, and it is more efficient. RTB platforms have scaled significantly over the past two years, and more dollars have migrated to it.

2. Mediate the top ad networks. By adding an ad network mediation layer, mobile game developers can run multiple ad networks at the same time and get the impressions with the highest ad rates.

3. Use a private RTB marketplace. Look for partners who can create a private RTB option that allows gaming apps total control over how their inventory is sold. They can develop tiers, create “white lists” of approve specific buyers, and set floors for ad rates.

4. Get first-party data under control. Gaming apps that make first-party data available in public RTB run the risk of losing control over how it is used. This puts a mobile game developer and its users at risk. Unscrupulous ad networks can scrape that first-party data from the exchange and then combine it with other data, cross-reference it, and resell it — all without the mobile game developers knowing it.

5. Use innovative ad formats. Banner ads are losing their ability to make an impression on users. Video and native ads are coming on strong. Seek out a platform that supports rich media, audio, and video.

The ebook delves into topics such as:

Optimizing Game Design for Ad Monetization
Getting Started Monetizing With Advertising
How to Attract Brand Advertisers to Your Game
Important Trends in Digital Advertising Game Publishers Need to Know About


Above: TapSense

Image Credit: TapSense