Facebook is working on a new app codenamed “Moments” that will allow small groups of trusted friends or family to securely share content.

The new product has been fully baked and is now being tested internally by Facebook employees, TechCrunch reports. The report cites multiple sources familiar with Facebook’s work on the app, including one who has seen a demo of it at Facebook.

The apps displays various friends/family groups in tile that you push to initiate content sharing. The point of the new app is to enable quick and secure sharing with friend groups in a way that’s far easier than using the main Facebook app.

And it’ll be easier than using the text-based privacy selector in Facebook’s News Feed composer, which relies on little-used Friend Lists, the TechCrunch report says.

The idea resembles the “circles” grouping in feature in Google+.

We’ll have to wait and see what the new app is called, and whether or not it will post content to Facebook Groups, which are used by half a million people around the world.