We saw the last NHL game from 2K Games way back in 2010, but the series is returning — and it’s coming to iOS and Android devices this fall.

NHL 2K will release as a premium-priced app at $8, and it offers a range of single-player modes alongside a turn-based multiplayer shoot-out. It’s the first time we’ve seen a 2K take on the hockey season since NHL 2K11 released for Wii and iOS four years ago. Since then, Electronic Arts has dominated the hockey market with its console-based NHL series.

2K Games is pushing hard into mobile gaming, a market worth an estimated $20 billion in 2014. It’s already released mobile versions of sci-fi strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown and action-adventure Bioshock, and NFL 2K sits alongside its mobile basketball title NBA 2K14.

Single-player features in NHL 2K include a My Career mode, a 3-on-3 minigame, and a range of classic modes such as Shootout, Free Skate, and NHL Winter Classic.

2K Games promises to keep team rosters updated throughout the hockey season to add realism to your struggle to win the Stanley Cup.

The game features touchscreen controls and also offers support for compatible MFi [Made-for-iPhone] controllers.

NHL 2K is a co-development between Virtuos Games, which is also responsible for NBA 2K14 on mobile, and longtime 2K sports studio Visual Concepts.