Today Foursquare casually reintroduced “lists” on iOS and Android, a favorite feature among Foursquare die-hards.

Foursquare never technically killed lists, but the company did hide them behind a menu (Profile > Saved > Lists) and cut down related features. Starting with today’s update, Foursquare is now slowly easing lists back into the app. A Foursquare spokesperson tells us, “We added the ability to save places to individual lists and view your lists/lists you have saved on mobile.” iOS and Android can also now create new lists on mobile.


The lists feature, which enables users to save and share collections of their favorite places, was heavily downplayed when Foursquare relaunched its self-titled app in May to focus on discovery. Long-time users quickly noticed and criticized the change.

Foursquare chief Dennis Crowley responded to complaints, and wrote that “Lists [are] coming back in a big way in the future, just not yet. Sadly, they’ve been a 1% user feature.” Later, Crowley said Foursquare will bring lists back “soonish,” “in a new/reinvented way.”

Aside from lists, Foursquare shares that this update also adds the ability to block people from following you and brings support for iOS 8, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

Here are the related update notes for the release of Foursquare version 8.1 on iOS:

You’ll also notice the return of lists (so you can organize and share places that are awesome), speed improvements, fewer bugs, and the ability to block people from following you.