Looks like FIFA 15’s world-famous soccer players need some coaching in the fundamentals, as right now, they’re running around like headless chickens.

The latest installment in Electronic Arts’ all-conquering soccer series released yesterday in North America, and PC players are reporting a major bug that turns soccer matches into scenes of chaos. It’s an embarrassing issue for EA, which endured a terrible bug-ridden launch for its first-person shooter Battlefield 4 and Sim City last year.

On kickoff, the FIFA 15 bug makes players on both teams start running wildly toward the center circle, including the goalkeepers. It results in an unplayable game with all players bunched together in the central section of the pitch. And while it’s amusing to watch, it’s unlikely that customers who’ve spent $60 in EA’s Origin online store will see the funny side for long.

Electronic Artschief executive officer Andrew Wilson recently told Eurogamer that the Battlefield 4 launch was “unacceptable” and that the company learned lessons from it. EA has acknowledged the FIFA 15 problem and is asking affected players for extra information to try to work out a fix, which really can’t come soon enough.

Already, EA’s forums have 22 pages of complaints about the bug, and many YouTube videos are documenting the problem. FIFA players have found other bugs, too, including avatars facing away from the camera in the menu screens and shots going in completely the wrong direction.

If you have bought FIFA 15 through Origin, don’t forget it’s eligible for EA’s “Great Game Guarantee,” and you can ask for a refund within 24 hours of first launching it.