The third and final map pack of the Titanfall season pass is about to go live.

Publisher Electronic Arts will release the IMC Rising downloadable content for the sci-fi shooter tomorrow on Xbox One and PC for $10. The add-on will introduce three new arenas for players to wall-run around as a soldier or lumber through as a mech. This also likely marks the end of major additions to Titanfall, as developer Respawn has only ever promised the three map packs.

Titanfall is one of the big games in 2014 that appears on Xbox consoles by not PlayStation. It debuted in March to high expectations. While many players seemed like they have move past Titanfall, Respawn has worked to improve the game through a number of free updates. IMC Rising is one of the last big chances that the developer will have to leave a lasting impression on fans before the series returns in a potential sequel.

The three new maps in the new DLC will focus on the rebellious IMC faction in Titanfall’s fictional war. Backwater has players duking it out on a bootlegging colony that is home to one of the IMC’s best pilots. Zone 18 is the IMC’s robotics-research facility. It has a long central path with buildings to provide cover along the corridor. Finally, Sand Trap is a fuel facility with wide open spaces (for Titans) that are connected by skinny paths perfect for wallrunning.

While Xbox One and PC are getting the map pack this week, the Xbox 360 version still has a bit of a wait. Developer Bluepoint Games, which handled the port, is also handling all of the extra content for that last-gen console.