Microsoft today announced plans to open a “flagship” store five blocks away from Apple’s flagship location on Fifth Ave in New York.

Microsoft says this will be its “first flagship store.” The new location will “serve as the centerpiece of our Microsoft Stores experience,” Microsoft details.

Microsoft’s announcement of the new location reads a bit like a fairy tale:

This is a goal we’ve had since day one – we were only waiting for the right location. And now we have it. Our Fifth Avenue location will be much more than just a Microsoft Store. In addition to retail, there will be experiential space for Microsoft as a company to further engage with our customers and partners in new and innovative ways. This is an important milestone for Microsoft overall, our Stores team and millions of our current customers, as well as the millions to come. We could not be more excited to join one of the most visited streets in America.

Microsoft didn’t share when exactly its flagship store in New York will open but said it “will be worth the wait.” The store will be located at 677 Fifth Avenue, next to Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi.

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