Welcome to the wonderful world of video game consoles, China.

The Xbox One has sold over 100,000 systems in its first week on sale in China, according to Chinese news site 17173. It’s hard to compare that number with the PlayStation 4’s performance, or even past sales of older boxes, since the Xbox One is the first video game console to launch in China since a 2000 ban on them ended last year.

However, the Xbox One is already doing better in China than in Japan, where it hasn’t even sold 30,000 consoles after a month of availability.

“I think the Xbox One launch in China is a milestone event,” analyst Brian Blau, of market researcher Gartner, previously told GamesBeat. “It represents the opening of a new type of market for the Chinese consumer, and if others followed suit this could be the start of a new gaming revolution in China.”

The Xbox One launched in China on Sept. 29 after a short delay from the originally planned release date. It is available in 4,000 retail locations in 37 cities.

via Kotaku