Google today updated its Chrome app for iOS with two new nifty features, one plugged security hole, plus the usual stability improvements and bug fixes. You can download the new version directly from Apple’s App Store.

First and foremost, the browser now supports the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus displays. You can now properly use the extra screen real estate on your new iOS 8 device. In other words, the awful scaling up from the 4-inch default on older iPhones is now gone.

The second feature, a smaller one, applies to all iOS users: You can now download and open files in Google Drive. If you stumble on a file hosted in Google’s cloud while browsing the Web, Chrome will help you view it without any issue.

As for the security hole that Google plugged, it was related to how Chrome handled Apple’s FaceTime URLs. Unfortunately for those curious for more detail, the Chromium issue link for this bug isn’t working.

If you don’t have the latest iPhones, don’t care about Google Drive, and don’t use FaceTime, you should still get the latest version of Chrome for iOS. The browser is the easiest way for malware to enter your device, so keeping it updated is important.