Let’s build some hurting bombs.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS adds 14 new characters (not counting the customizable Mii Fighters) to the popular cross-over fighting game series. And while a couple of them are essentially clones of older characters, many are incredibly unique and creative.

That’s why we created this little guide. Below, you’ll find a few tips for each character. It won’t turn you into a master, but it’ll help you learn the new fighters and teach you about some of their quirks.

Note that the list includes unlockable characters, so don’t read ahead if you don’t want those spoiled for you.

Bowser Jr.

  • Bowser Jr.’s side special sends him driving forward in his clown car, hurting anyone he hits. It’s similar to other side specials, like Wario’s and Yoshi’s, but Bowser Jr. can actually cancel out of his just by jumping. Use this trick to confuse your opponents and catch them off-guard or to stop yourself from driving into a trap.
  • His up special sends him flying out of his clown car, but it also sends his discarded vehicle crashing to the ground, where it will hurt anyone caught in the explosion. It can even KO heavily damaged characters.
  • Bowser Jr.’s down special sends out explosive wind-up toys that latch on to any enemies they encounter. Be careful, though — your enemy can also grab them and throw them back at you.

Dark Pit

  • Dark Pit plays a lot like regular Pit but with a few differences. Dark Pit is a little slower and more powerful than the regular version.
  • Dark Pits arrows travel faster than Pit’s, but they’re harder to control.

Duck Hunt comes in many different breeds.

Above: The Duck Hunt dog comes in many different breeds.

Duck Hunt

  • Duck Hunt has some of the best ranged moves on this roster, so don’t be afraid to use them! Punish distant opponents with clay pigeons, and use the explosive can on players that like to jump around a lot.
  • You can also use the explosive can for defense. You make it hop across the stage by pressing the B button, so it’ll start out by moving away from you. However, you can deploy the can and then get on the other side of it. If you do this, you can use the can to get you out of an enemy’s combo.
  • Duck Hunt doesn’t have a lot of great killing moves outside of his Smash Attacks, but you can also use the can to catch a player trying to recover back on to the stage.


  • Greninja’s down air attack will send him straight down in a quick, stomp-like move. If it connects, he’ll bounce back up into the air. You can even land the same move a few times.
  • The Water Shuriken is Greninja’s standard special. Uncharged, it sends out a single projectile that does a little damage. When charged, however, it can do a lot of damage and send enemies flying. It also has a pretty large hit box, so it’s great for opponents that are trying to get back on a stage.
  • Greninja’s down special, Substitute, will counter any move that hits him. However, you actually decide the direction of the counter attack based on which direction you’re holding.

Little Mac teaches his friends a lesson in threatening the sky.

Above: Little Mac teaches his friends a lesson in threatening the sky.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Little Mac

  • Little Mac’s ground game is incredible. He has a ton of powerful, quick moves that punish and KO opponents. His standard special, however, isn’t that great. It’s a punch that you can charge, which sends Little Mac sliding across the stage. However, it’s pretty obvious when someone is about to use the move, and it leaves Little Mac vulnerable when he uses it. Instead, rely on his safer attacks.
  • While he’s great on the ground, Little Mac is terrible in the air. His aerial attacks are abysmal, and he has the worst recovery options in the game. If your opponent knocks you off the stage, you’ll have a hard time getting back on.
  • After a while, a meter by Little Mac’s damage counter will fill, turning his neutral special into a move that will KO most opponents with one hit. Use it while you can, since it eventually disappears. You also only get one shot, so try to make it count.


  • Like Dark Pit with Pit, Lucina is pretty much a clone of Marth, another Fire Emblem character. If you know how to play with him (he’s been around since Melee on the GameCube), then you’ll feel at home with Lucina.
  • Lucina does feature one notable difference. While most of Marth’s sword attacks have a sweet spot (meaning they’ll do more damage if you land them with the edge of the sword), Lucina’s do not. Her attacks do more damage than Marth’s strikes that don’t hit the sweet spot, but less than those that do.

Mega Man is posing like the retro badass he is.

Above: Mega Man is posing like the retro badass he is.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Mega Man

  • Mega Man’s standard attack, the Mega Buster, helps him stand out. It’s actually a projectile, and while it doesn’t do much damage, it will disrupt players and trade with most other projectiles (meaning both will disappear). You can also use the Mega Buster while jumping or even moving. Use it to control your opponent’s movements.
  • The Leaf Shield isn’t that useful for protection, but it has some special properties. Each of the rotating leaves has its own hit box, so you can actually damage characters with them even if you put up your normal shield or if you’re in the middle of a roll. The leaves also hit anyone you’re holding in a grab.
  • The Rush Coil is Mega Man’s up special. You can use it to shoot yourself in the air. Unlike most recoveries, Mega Man can safely attack right out of Rush Coil. You can also use the move to escape a lot of ground combos, a technique called Rush Cancelling.