No one really bothers to think of the “why” of Super Smash Bros. It’s a fighting game series where Nintendo characters beat each other up. What’s there to think about? Well, apparently, a lot.

Uploaded by the YouTube channel Gnoggin, the video below argues that the entire Super Smash Bros. series takes place in the mind of a child growing up with autism. As bizarre as that theory sounds, video (it’s over 20 minutes long) really does make some interesting points.

Alright, I have to admit, I don’t really believe that Nintendo was so thoughtful, artistically brave, or creative when it developed the franchise. Still, it’ll definitely give you something to ponder, and the video actually teaches you a lot about the neurodevelopmental disorder. It’s worth your time between matches of the 3DS version and waiting for the Wii U one, which comes out on Nov. 21.